Freedom is Possible

First Light Recovery Ministries exists to help men break free from the controlling power of sexual sin and addiction. Sexual addiction can take many forms but each manifestation has the ability to wreck incredible devastation. Sexual addition can be a debilitating, painful, and often seems hopeless…

First Light exists to help you pick up the pieces and rebuild a life of healthy and sexual integrity.

We use a tested and proven Christ-Centered group approach, walking with men through their pain, frustration, shame, personal story, and showing them how the forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ applies to their lives and circumstances.


“The way of the righteous is like the first light of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day.” -Proverbs 4:18


How it works

First Light groups are private and all members commit to a confidentiality agreement. Groups of 8-10 men meet weekly in various locations to pray, confess, check in, support, encourage, and work through an in-depth curriculum together. Some group members will be new, while others will be further along in recovery. Each group is facilitated by 1-2 men who have been trained to help guide meeting and maintain healthy group dynamics.

Groups provide a safe place to be honest about sinful addictions and serve as a temporary support and accountability system as members work towards building long-term support structures outside of the group.

Once a member has achieved freedom from their addictive sexual behaviors and has established their outside support structure, they graduate from the program. Former members often continue to be involved by becoming mentors for new First Light group members.

Group participation is $50/month - Those who are unable to pay this amount can apply for scholarships, which are graciously provided by supporting churches throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area.


Take the First Step

If you would like to contact our Executive Director about joining a First Light group please fill out this form and He will be in touch soon.

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